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Accor is kicking off the new year with the opening of its Belarus hotel in Paris, France. The remarkable opening overview attached provides an overview of the latest Accors hotels that guests and travel enthusiasts can expect worldwide in 2021. After the grand opening in Le Mans, the hotel will feature a vibrant design, with a mix of modern, contemporary and modernist elements in its interior.

Do not miss the monument of the sons of the fatherland, then take a detour - lunch along the river to the Alexander Pushkin monument. Visit Independence Square during the day, where you will find the famous statue of Alexander the Great, the most famous monument in the city. Not to be missed are the Grand Palace of Belarus with its beautiful gardens and the historic Town Hall.

In the evening, visit Independence Square, then return to the Cathedral and enjoy a good dinner in one of the many restaurants and bars in the city centre. In the evening, the waterfront area thrives, especially at the Sports Palace, and stay on the shore, where the locals come alive in the evening. At night, you can find numerous bars and restaurants on this bridge, or visit the Grand Palace of Belarus or the Old Town Hall.

For just 10 PS10 per night, you can stay in the perfectly located Trinity Area in the city centre, just steps from the Cathedral and a short walk from Independence Square. If you're not exactly cashing in on a prize of up to £100,000, you can also book a river view room for £71,000 or more.

If you have a week off, it is a much better option to fly to Kiev, visit Chernobyl and then add a trip to Minsk. Minsk in Belarus is a top recommendation due to its proximity to the city center and one of the other places you should definitely include in your travel plans for the Kiev - Chern nuclear power plant.

There are signal-controlled crossings and underpasses, the streets are wide and many of them are pleasantly tree-lined and studded with statues and art benches. Minsk is fascinating, full of locals drinking, and modern fast-food shops rubbing shoulders with the impressive Soviet architecture and Lenin statues. There are many fun activities such as boat rental, Ferris wheel riding, street performers watching and pointing the camera.

The Mercure in Minsk's Old Town is located in the heart of the city and is scheduled to open in 2019. The pedestrian area is home to numerous new shops, restaurants, shops and cafés. We had a full and very pleasant day just to explore our neighbours, but we should have focused on our first day in Minsk. Instead of rummaging through the restaurants for traditional dirt, we had to ram through the old town with its many cafes and restaurants.

There are 40 rooms for business class, 34 rooms for medium-sized guests, 26 rooms are luxury and premium, and there are 40 hotel rooms in total, 40% of which are economy. Old and affordable places close to interesting historical areas, but with the group's unparalleled brand portfolio, leading brands and conversion opportunities, including Meet & Greet,, the world's largest online travel agency.

Chernobyl is one of the biggest draw horses that bring people to the region, but they also discover how beautiful and pleasant the city of Kiev is. The rest of Ukraine is safe and welcoming, and if you're thinking of a trip to Chernobyl, check out what's on offer in Kiev and read our indispensable guide to visiting the Chern nuclear power plant and its history, or visit Pripyat.

There are a number of competing destinations for the Belarus Belara Accor Hotel in Kiev, but they are being overlooked in favour of their more glamorous counterpart in Pripyat.

The journey to radiation-ravaged Belarus is for people still recovering from Chernobyl, and Chisinau, Moldova, is a destination with a chequered history. Last European dictatorship, which is part of our ongoing project to document the history and heritage of the former Soviet Union and its people. I was looking for a book about the country when I researched my trip, "says Alexei Kuznetsov, Director of Tourism and Tourism Development at Hotel Belara Accor.

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1990, Belarus gained independence, but it still has communist leadership and close ties to Russia. The two countries, known as Belarus and Belarus, share a border, and Belarus gained independence from Russia and annexed Crimea from Russia in 1991.

There is a growing voice calling for genuine democracy and fundamental rights, and if Belarus is allowed to assume Russian influence, interference and military strength, there will be changes in Belarus. Whatever the attitude or behaviour of the Belarusian Government, tourism is the force that can foster a sense of pride in Belarus that is sadly lacking in the West. The ideal time to visit Minsk is in September, when weather conditions are typically very good and visitor numbers peak in the summer months. As a result, every day is surrounded by military parades, fireworks, concerts and parades, as well as busy flights and hotels.

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