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Hilton Worldwide, one of the world's fastest growing full-service brands, today announced the signing of DoubleTree Hilton Minsk as the first Hilton hotel in Belarus and the second in the country. Hilton Worldwide's Market, the leading hotel, hotel and resort brand, today announced the construction of a new hotel in the Hilton, a premier shopping and entertainment complex in and around the heart of the city.

The development, called Galleria Minsk, will house more than 1,000 hotels, restaurants, bars and entertainment facilities, as well as a number of retail stores and restaurants. The development - called "Galleria minsk" - will be located in the Hilton Hotel, the first hotel in Belarus and the second in Russia, in the heart of the city.

DoubleTree Hilton Minsk will offer 800 sqm of conference space, including a fully equipped business centre, hotel bar and restaurant. The Hilton Hotel in Belarus, with 800 m ² of office space and 800 m ² of retail space. Doubletree Hilton in M Belarus has 800 sqm of conference facilities, including a full service hotel restaurant, office bar, restaurant and café, and a fully equipped business centre on site.

Most of the main sights in Minsk are accessible by bus, train or train from the city centre, and there is also parking nearby. At the hotel you can book a tour of Minsk, or if you do not have space for a car, you can also rent it to explore the cities of the country on your own. DoubleTree Hilton M Belarus is located on the outskirts of Belarus, so it is a walk, but you have a place in the car and you can park nearby, as well as travel by train, bus or bus to other destinations.

As part of the Hilton brand portfolio, guests at DoubleTree Hilton Hotel Minsk are also encouraged to participate in the IHG Club loyalty program, which you can join by staying free at the hotel. Crowne Plaza also participates in the IhG Club Rewards program, which allows you to earn points at the company's hotels around the world.

Only the Hoteza programme in Minsk was presented to the hotel, which allows guests to order additional hotel services before leaving the room, and to receive free use of the TV in the rooms and free Wi-Fi. DoubleTree Hilton Hotel in Belarus does not serve breakfast, but breakfast service at Crowne Plaza Belarus Hilton Hotels is quite decent, and there is a good selection of breakfast options for guests staying at this hotel.

Many of the hotel's rooms and suites have a private balcony with river views, and many have free Wi-Fi and luxury beds. Unique features of this hotel include a full-service restaurant, bar and hair salon, as well as a fitness centre and spa.

The large windows offer a beautiful view of Minsk, and you do not have to have a room. Each room has a private balcony with views of the river and the city, and a private bathroom. With flat screen TVs on, each room can have its own entertainment system, so you'll be totally fascinated by Minkins.

If you like to go for a walk, the 1 km around Independence Square will not scare you, and the 2 km around the city centre will. Find out what you can do best in Belarus and plan your trip with the help of a travel planner.

The reporter and blogger visited Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and the Netherlands.

In order to fully evaluate the best hotels in Minsk, I have written a series of reviews for each hotel, including prices, ratings, addresses and features. Prices and ratings of Belarusian rouble are taken from, where you can find the most complete list of accommodation options in and around M Belarus. Although there are many good hotels and resorts in the city, such as Crowne Plaza M Kiev, the decor of the hotel seems old-fashioned, although it is centrally located in Minsk and the clubs and lounges are outlined, so I would not recommend it.

The complex offers a wide range of leisure facilities, including a spa, business centre, indoor pool and fitness centre. There is a wide range of spa and business facilities, as well as clubs and lounges to behave in, as well as a hotel bar, restaurant and bar.

Guests of DoubleTree Hilton Minsk benefit from the characteristics of the rapidly growing collection of luxury hotels in Europe and the world. Guests staying at a Doubletree Hilton in M Belarus will benefit from a special feature located on the ground floor of the hotel, as well as in the hotel bar, restaurant and bar. Guests of a semi-detached hotel in Belarus can also find the signature on its flagship hotel with its rapidly growing collections of luxury hotel bars and restaurants.

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