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Marriott International has opened its second hotel in Belarus, the Renaissance Minsk Hotel, the first internationally rated hotel now open to business travelers. The hotel will be the second in Russia to open. NASDAQ: MAR) is expanding its presence in Europe with the opening of the recently opened Renaissance Minsk Hotel.

The hotel is fresh and modern, and the concept of the brand's Greatroom lobby is a welcoming destination for guests and locals alike. The beautifully furnished hotel rooms and suites offer the highest comfort, including free Wi-Fi and luxurious linens. Many of the hotel rooms have a private balcony with river views, and there is a breakfast in the lobby and a restaurant with bar. The service at the Renaissance Minsk Hotel and other hotels in Belarus is quite decent.

Hot and cold food is served from 22: 00 in the evening and 23: 00 to 02: 00 during the day.

While you nibble tapas at the Barrel Bar, enjoy a meal at the typical Fornello restaurant or try a handmade cocktail at one of the many bars and restaurants on site, try handmade cocktails at a variety of bars, nibble tapas at the barrel bar and visit the wellness center. An earlier review of this hotel described the club lounge as uncomfortable, but this time I was happy with it. I stayed in a room with a private dining room, bar and lounge, as well as a restaurant and bar. While you nibbled tapas (c) Tapas at the Barrel Bar or a meal at the signature restaurant of fornelli.

I am sure that this hotel will be part of my plans for my next visit to Minsk and I will definitely be back in the near future.

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Marriott transforms Marriott for mobile travelers who combine work and play. Marriott is an industry leader in innovations, including the Greatroom Lobby and Mobile Guest Services, which improve style, design and technology, making Marriott a destination for mobile, global travelers who combine work, play and travel.

The impressive Falcon Ballroom can accommodate up to 600 people for events ranging from traditional business meetings to extravagant galas. Meetings and events are aimed at anyone looking for a bespoke meeting experience, including meeting business leaders, government officials, business partners and business professionals. When you organise an event in Minsk, you will be delighted by the extensive range of events on site, from business meetings to private dinners and dinners.

In a country with such a strong service culture, it may be a bit more work for Marriott to explain this to its staff, but they should be aware of the options for airport transfers and explain them to you when they try to improve the outcome of the hotel at no unnecessary cost to guests. will not attempt to hide the fact that it is a Marriott hotel and not a hotel service provider.

This is reflected in the hotel's local and Belarusian history, including the handmade wall decorations, which create a quiet and elegant environment. The modern rooms and suites are equipped with high quality furniture such as marble floors, stainless steel appliances and high ceilings. As far as we were willing to try, there was nothing to write about, but we were presented with individual portions in very small sizes.

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