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In summary, it depends heavily on the economic situation of the country, which has not been stable in recent years. The real estate market is growing fast here and would like to do so, but it is a country that took its first steps towards becoming an independent nation after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Below you can see the average salary in this country, expressed in US dollars, and the median price of a house in Belarus.

The Belarusian capital is compared with the regional centres and large cities of Belarus, so the situation here is as follows. In recent years, prices of apartments in Minsk have fallen slightly compared to neighbouring capitals, while prices in Riga, Vilnius and Warsaw have increased by 20-25%. Belarusian real estate market, but it has grown only marginally in Kiev and Moscow and is now larger than at any time in recent decades.

Estate agents in Minsk note that the number of apartments for sale has fallen, while prices have reached their highest levels in recent years. This is understandable, as developers offer incredibly simple and profitable financial instruments to buy apartments in both M-Belarus and the World complex.

In fact, estate agents solve the problem of finding and selecting properties for later purchase, sale or rental. They investigate the supply and demand of the market, search for buyers and sellers, select the necessary properties at the customer's request and conclude the contract.

Should foreigners report and declare the money used to buy real estate in the Republic of Belarus? Real estate purchases and sales can be carried out in Belarus, provided that the actual payer of the contract is not a foreigner, who becomes the owner and receives a certificate of ownership of all real estate. If the payment for the property purchased is made in the name of a third party, company or natural person, it belongs to a foreigner from Belarus. Foreigners who own property outside Belarus can obtain a residence permit or temporary residence permit according to the conditions of their visa.

Commercial property can be sold freely and current civil legislation allows foreign citizens to obtain a residence permit and a temporary residence permit for commercial property in the Republic of Belarus without restrictions.

For this reason, the acquisition of real estate in the Republic of Belarus is considered an inviting, safe and profitable investment. There are generally two ways for a resident or foreign legal entity to obtain rights to land in Belarus. Land leasing is widespread among legal entities resident in Belarus, as most of them are state-owned. Tenants of land may be foreign nationals, citizens of other countries, foreigners or foreigners from other parts of the world. The leasing of land is common in many countries such as the United States of America, Canada and Europe.

Real estate plays a role in ensuring access to secure incomes and physical assets. In the face of economic uncertainty, investors continue to seek security, and real estate plays a key role.

If you are interested in selling real estate in Belarus and have discussed with us the best real estate agents in the country and their services, you will find the information in this article very useful. With the help of our expert Yuri, we have prepared a list of some services provided by real estate agencies in Belarus. We will tell you about our services and the specialists who work there.

The evaluation includes the forecast trends for the best places to buy property in Belarus, as well as a list of some of the most popular destinations for buying and living in Kazakhstan. Belarusian real estate market from October 2020, which will increase according to the latest data of the Ministry of Economic Development of Belarus.

We hope that this article has helped clarify some of the most important aspects of real estate purchase in the Republic of Belarus. Unfortunately, most of them are only Russian, but you can find them all on the website of the state property www.

What are the best investments to buy property in Belarus before moving here for a good investment? Foreigners can buy real estate in the Republic of Belarus as well as in other countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

An estate agent is a person who deals with the letting, sale, trading and exchange of real estate. Real estate agencies are commercial organizations providing services for the purchase, sale and exchange of real estate in Belarus and for the management of real estate.

In addition to brokers, there are two important structures in Belarus that also play a role in the purchase of real estate. All rights to real estate, including land, must be registered with the competent state registration authority and are valid only after registration. The agency's state registrations are checked on paper and arranged by the State Register of Real Estate Agents of Belarus, the State Agency for the Protection of Property Rights in Belarus. They must be notarized and present their registration documents.

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